Do You Really Need Them?

When I was searching for information online about the best portable air purifiers for hotel rooms, I had an idea about buying one or two for home use. We live in an allergy-prone area especially due to pollen and dust. Our aim was to get a device that would clean our air inside our rooms. Besides giving fresh air, I came across many other reasons to have an air purifier for home use. This is one of those underrated, but very important small appliances that you should buy for your home use.


Reasons to have an air purifier


It purifies air for breathing

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Just as you would live a healthy life when you take clean water and eat nutritional food, you will also live healthy with an air purifier. You might not have an idea how airborne pollutants affect your body. Have you ever wondered why smoking of cigarettes in public is banned most times? It is because of the negative effects they have on the secondary smokers. Well, air purifiers will ensure that the air you breathe at home is free from pollutants like dust and smoke.


Makes air breathable for children

Picture of a child playing alone in the living room

As I was searching for information, I learned that children have weak metabolisms. Thus, they are unable to excrete chemicals efficiently as adults do. That is why they are highly vulnerable to impure air. We figured out that an air purifier would secure children from asthma or allergies caused by airborne chemicals and particles.


Lowers risks from cleaning products


When cleaning our home, we used cleaning products on furniture and flooring. We thought that some of those products might aggravate allergies in our guests. That is why we had to get an air purifier to give fresh air. I understand that an air purifier has HEPA filtration and air-activated carbon filters. This helps it to eradicate 99.97% of unhealthy airborne chemicals and particles.


Lowers risks of factory emissions


We live in a heavy industrial environment. That means we are exposed to factory emissions, which are dangerous to our health. These emissions have fine elements that penetrate our bodies. I discovered that when we breathe such high levels of unhealthy particles, we are at a high risk of heart problems. In fact, long-term exposure can lower our life expectancy by 1.8 to 3.1 years. These facts were shocking. That is why I had to rush and get an air purifier.


Reprieve for asthmatic people


People suffering from a condition like asthma can find their reprieve from an air purifier. Asthma is aggravated by pollutants like dust, pet dander and others. To get a respite from asthmatic attacks, air has to be purified. People with medical issues have a low immune system. This means their body cannot get rid of toxic pollutants. In that case, they would be at high risks of serious complications from viruses and air-related infections.


Besides taking care of our guests, we also wanted to do the same to our pets. We have one dog and two cats. We wanted the air cleaner to eradicate airborne odor and pet hair, which are also culprits, causing allergy provocations. Pet dander, pet hair, dust and pollen are the main causes of indoor allergies.